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You can order a voucher code and get 20% off on up til five subscriptions.

You will receive the voucher within five working days. Remember to use your Maersk mail, when submitting. Otherwise we won't be able to send you the code.

Affordable subscriptions pumped with benefits

We can provide you with subscriptions that suit any need. You have as an employee of Maersk an amazing opportunity to get up to five subscription with a 20% discount. You only have to do two simple things. First claim a voucher by submitting a request using your work mail as the contact mail, and find the subscription that you would like to order and complete the order in our webshop.

The subscriptions include a ton of great benefits. 3LikeHome and 3Family are e.g. included in all our "Fri Tale" subscriptions. On top of this you are able to purchase lots of accessories from well-known brands.

This subscription can not be conbined with any other discounts on the website.

Use your voucher

Mobilabonnementer inkl. 3LikeHome

Vores Fri Tale abonnementer indeholder både fri tale, 3Family og 3LikeHome, så du kan snakke og surfe løs i 73 lande, uden det koster dig ekstra. Og du er så heldig at få dem alle til priser, der er 30% billigere end normalt.

Fri Tale med 30GB Data der kan deles med andre abonnementer
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Op til 10 GB i EU og UK.
Op til 10 GB uden for EU og UK

Super fedt abonnement.
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*80 kr./md. i 3 mdr. Herefter 160 kr./md.
Mindstepris 80 kr.
Gælder nye abonnementer.
Tilbuddet gælder t.o.m. 10/4

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Op til 100 GB i EU og UK.
Op til 25 GB uden for EU og UK

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Op til 1000 GB i EU og UK.
Op til 25 GB uden for EU og UK.
Fair use 1000 GB.

How to purchase a subscription at a 20% discount

Select the perfect subscription

You are free to choose between our current portfolio of subscriptions. This includes both mobile subscriptions and our broadband subscriptions.

Place your order in the webshop

Complete your purchase by using your NemID. You decide if you wish to pick a new number or have your current number ported from another provider. 


Submit your voucher code

Add your personal voucher at the last step before confirming your order and thereby gaining your 20% discount. Remenber to use your Maersk mail as the contact mail.

Greater wifi

For your entire household


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Mindstepris 1.480 kr.

Get the discount on a current 3 subscription

You shouldn't be cheated just because you already are a customer at 3. You are able to get the discount, if your subscription is part of our current portfolio, that the subscription has been created in your name and that your Maersk mail is submitted as your contact mail.

Please fill out the form beneath and we will make sure that the discount will be added.

Subscription check
- Get the solution that fits your needs

You don't have to worry about having the right subscription or paying too much compared to your usage. We promise you 100% transparency with our automatical subscription checker.

We will give you a free check every third month, which will guide you to the right solution. You will find it in Mit 3 - which is your self service platform. We just need your permission to do so.

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Please call us at 70 313 314, if you need any help placing your order or have questions in regards to the content of the subscriptions or how they work.

We are ready to take your call:
Monday-Thursday 9.00-17.00
Friday: 9.00-16.00

Nice to know about Maersk subscriptions with discount

Who can get the 20% discount on a current subscriptions?
Every employee at Maersk can get the discount of 20%. The discount can only be used by the employee and may therefore not be forwarded.

How many subscriptions can I purchase with the discount?
Every employee can purchase up to 5 subscriptions with 20% discount. Your voucher will be deactivated after the 5th subscription.

Do I have to enter something, when I order the subscriptions with 20% discount?
You must enter your voucher code and your Maersk mail as your contact mail for you to receive the 20% discount.

Does it apply to all subscription?
Yes – all our current subscriptions, both voice and data subscriptions.

What will happen if I’m no longer employed by Maersk?
Your subscriptions will continue even though you no longer work for Maersk, but the discount will be removed. If you do not wish to continue with the subscriptions at the normal rate, you will have to cancel them.

Can I purchase the subscriptions with the discount in the 3Shops?
No – you can only achieve the discount by ordering online at 3.dk and use your voucher code, before confirming your order.

Will I also receive discount on addons, phones, tablets and more?
The 20 % discount only applies to the monthly subscriptions. SMS services, foreign usage not included in the subscriptions and equipment can not be purchased with 20% discount.

will I receive the discount as wel, if I purchase a phone, router or tablet, l?
Yes, of course. Whether or not you purchase subscriptions by them selves or along with a phone, tablet or router, you will receive the discount on the subscription. Note that there will be a 6 months binding period added to the subscription when purchasing equipment along with the subscription. You will still receive the discount  during this binding period, even though your employment at Maersk should end in the meantime.

Do I have a notice of cancellation?
There is a 30 days notice of cancellation on all our private subscriptions. Unless you are in binding on your subscription whereas you can cancel it with a 30 days’ notice after the binding has ended.

What happens if I still receive my discount after I’ve stopped working for Maersk?
If you notice that you are still wrongfully receiving the discount after you’ve stopped working for Maersk, you must contact us on 70 313 314. If you have received a discount you were not eligible for, you will have to pay the discount back for the duration of the period.

I’m already a customer with 3 – Can I receive the discount on my current subscription?
Yes – if you are employed by Maersk, you will be eligible for 20% discount on your current subscriptions you have with 3. Just remember, that they need to be in your name, and your contact mail must be your Maersk mail. Fill out the form on this page – we will then help you with the discount.

My current subscription with 3 can no longer be purchased. Can I have the discount added to that?
No – you can only receive discount on the subscriptions we have at this time. If you update your subscription to one of our current subscriptions, you will then be able to receive the discount.

Can I transfer my number from another service provider?
Of course. Complete your order on 3.dk and select “Flyt mit nummer” during the order flow.

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